Violent clashes as Dale Farm eviction gets under way

TWO protesters were Tasered and one person arrested in clashes with bailiffs and riot police as the eviction of Dale Farm got under way. Officers in riot gear entered Dale Farm, near Basildon in Essex, after breaking down a rear fence just after 7am, prompting angry confrontations. The move came as police and bailiffs held discussions, described by supporters as a distraction, at the main gate. Essex Police said: "Officers have this morning entered the Dale Farm site following intelligence which informed the commanders that anyone entering the site was likely to come up against violence and a serious breach of the peace would occur. "Intelligence received indicated protesters had stockpiled various items with the intent of using these against bailiffs and police. "The first officers on the site were attacked with missiles being thrown, including rocks and liquids. These officers were fully equipped to deal with this situation." At least 50 officers led the operation to clear the site. Female residents ran to their homes and broke down in tears as the police line advanced. Supporters quickly erected barricades inside the site as police held the line, securing the rear area. Electricity supplies have been cut. Supporters say this has turned off crucial medical equipment belonging to elderly residents. Supporters chanted: "F*** the police, no justice, no peace." They also set fire to a caravan placed across the street inside Dale Farm. Paramedics were escorted on to the site by supporters to treat resident Nora Egan, who claims she suffered back injuries in a confrontation with police. She said: "This is being led by the police, there is no sign of bailiffs." Margaret Sheridan also claimed she was injured. "They're rough and there is no reasoning with them." Kathleen McCarthy, a Dale Farm resident, said: "The memory of Dale Farm will weigh heavily on Britain for generations - we are being dragged out of the only homes we have in this world. "Our entire community is being ripped apart by Basildon Council and the politicians in Government." add your Comments