Michael Jacksons US doctor sentenced to four years

Conrad Murray, the US doctor convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of pop superstar Michael Jackson, has been sentenced to four years in county jail.
Murray was found guilty earlier this month after a six-week trial.

Judge Michael Pastor told the court that while Murray was legally eligible for probation, he did not think his actions showed he was suitable.
He said the evidence in the case showed a "continuous pattern of lies and deceit" by the disgraced physician.
The legal teams will return in January 2012 to discuss the prosecution's request for Murray to pay restitution to Jackson's family.
While the prosecution successfully argued for the maximum term, Murray's lawyers asked that he be kept on probation, saying he is serving "a lifetime sentence of self-punishment".
Defence lawyer Ed Chernoff said he would already be punished for life by being known as "the man who killed Michael Jackson".
In addition, Murray could still lose his licence to practise medicine