Turkey imposes economic sanctions on Syria

Turkey has announced a raft of economic sanctions on Syria over its violent crackdown on protesters.
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said his country would suspend financial dealings with Damascus and freeze any Syrian government assets.

Mr Davutoglu said the government of President Bashar al-Assad had "come to the end of the road".
The United Nations says at least 3,500 people have been killed since the start of protests against Assad's regime.
Travel ban Turkey's sanctions - following a similar decision by the Arab League last week - mostly target the Syrian leadership. The foreign minister said all those responsible for violence against civilians, and businesses close to President Assad, are banned from travelling to Turkey, and their assets there will be frozen.
All financial relations with Syrian state banks are also being stopped. A ban on arms sales is already in place.
Last week a convoy of Turkish buses was fired at by Syrian troops, and the government has warned all Turkish citizens to avoid travelling there