Couple saved from fire thanks to smoke alarm

AN ELDERLY couple’s lives were saved because of their smoke alarm, a leading firefighter said.
The couple in their eighties called the fire service after their smoke alarm went off after their fridge caught light in the early hours of yesterday morning.
Two fire crews from Rayleigh Weir were dispatched at about 1am to the semi-detached home in Rawreth Road, Rawreth.
Phil Owens, leading firefighter at Rayleigh Weir, said: “This is a perfect example that proves having a working smoke alarm in your home can and will save your life.
“This couple heard the alarm, got themselves out of the property and then called the fire brigade. They did the right thing.
“Having that smoke alarm most probably saved their lives.”
The kitchen in the house was fire damaged and the whole house was also smoke damaged.
The crews put out the fire just after 1.30am and they stayed at the scene clearing smoke from the property with one of their high pressure fans.