Electronic Dance Music Festival Comes To Javea

Electronic Dance Music Festival Comes To Javea
This Saturday, 28th of July, a new “Electronic Dance Music” will be held to blend together the entertainment in Javea and the heat of summer music. First class DJ’s like Camilo Franco who is the resident of the club in island of Ibiza. Local talents of Javea like Santi Bertomeu and Pablo Gisbert. And of course Alex de Guirior will come together to give people of Javea a different kind of entertainment.
Avenida Palmela car park was the site chosen for this festival because it was very easy to access from any places and the park is easy to clean. Anyone who will attend will enjoy the night because organizers are planning to give reasonable prices for drinks and other stuff in the bars.
The municipal of Javea is very supportive to this event because it can bring a lot of tourists. Tourists will learn the hospitality of Javea people. Tere Bisquert, councillor in Javea, stated that the event is under promotion by a private company, but the town is very supportive because this will help their young citizens to enjoy and experience this different kind of event. Bisquert also explained how the tourists and visitors may boost the economy.
One of the good things about this event is children under the age of 16 will be wearing a colored-bracelet for easy identification because they are prohibited to buy alcoholic drinks. Attendants are present to make sure the event will be held successfully and free from any trouble.
Anyone who wants to party may attend the event but of course, the entrance fee is not free. Tickets cost 10 Euros in advance through the internet and 15 Euros if you will pay on the day of the event.