Postal Service Deliveries, But Who Will Be Most Affected?

The USPS has been the topic of much debate over the past couple of years as it reviews its options now that the digital world has seemingly rendered mail service near-obsolete. Though widespread email use has all but eliminated the need to send letters and many people are going paperless in an effort to be green, a lot of people still rely on the post office to deliver bills—especially those who don't want to give out their banking information online—and package delivery is always a concern.

In an attempt to make things easier for its customers, the Postal Service has even introduced a new service for packages recently that includes giving the customer the ability to pay for and print their own shipping labels at home, then schedule a pick-up using one of the service's flat-rate boxes. But the agency says it will continue to make packages a priority even as it prepares to end Saturday mail service, scheduled to begin this summer.
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