Luxury Villas Surrounding El Montgo

Luxury Villas Surrounding El Montgo

El Montgo is a symbol of the towns around the famous mountain, as well as Alicante and J├ívea. Even during the prehistoric times, El Montgo has been occupied for many years for living because the mountain is no doubt sturdy.

And today, because of the official walking paths with beautifully made landscapes that cross the national park. El Montgo attracts many visitors for hiking as well as nature lovers. If you will follow one of the paths it will lead you to the famous Water Cove or they call it Cova de l’Aigua in Spain. This cave attraction is a grotto (prayer mountain) with inscription of Roman alphabet at the entrance.

As you reach to the top of the mountain, the things that really amaze me are those luxury villas surrounding El Montgo. It was impossible for me not to dream of living in any one of those houses. I can see that in Javea, villas have their own private pool. If you don’t feel like swimming in the sea, then you can wade all afternoon to your own private pool.

The hues, uniform roof colors and house exterior designs are almost all identical to each other that reminds of the famous village in Santorini, Greece. But in Santorini, houses are built on top of the rocky mountain which is opposite of Montgo where houses built around the foot of Montgo.

Houses are in their typical Spanish designs made of concrete stone with balcony and tropical plants around the area.

I have known some real estate agents in Javea and Alicante and I was surprised to find out that the costs of properties in Javea are just a bit higher compared to other Spanish properties. Considering that Alicante and Javea can be categorized as leisure in lifestyle because of its resort like surroundings, the magnificent restaurant at night and the bars.

I am sure a lot of hikers in Montgo, not just me, also dream about owning one of those luxurious villas every time they look down and see each house laid beautifully on the foot of the mountain.