Shopping Night At Xabia Historica

Shopping Night At Xabia Historica
On Wednesday, August  8, Xabia Historica business associate announced the “Shopping Night” the second time around after the success of the first one that was held just few weeks ago. In this event, shopping center will be open even after midnight together with restaurants and bars to get along with shoppers and other people who want to stay out late.
As usual music will always be present. On a typical celebration in Javea, any event will not end without its loud music. The popular band Bunpada Batukada will be performing at the event with their popular music. There will also be a display of classic motorbikes in the Placeta del Convent.
Organizers are very hopeful and expecting that the second edition will be more successful than the first one. This event will not only benefit the town people but also has a very great impact on the economy. According to research, there was a growth at around 50% on clothing and accessories and 35% on trade through bars and restaurant which only shows the positive effect of this event.
Events like this are not just healthy for the economy but also healthy for people because they can experience different environment at least once in a while in this stressful life. During the night, tourist will be amazed to see narrow streets full of light with lots of people hanging around outside. You can hear excellent music coming out from their Spanish house. Most properties in Javea has their own terrace and you can see residents drinking and having fun in this part of the house in the middle of the night.
Xabia Historica is inviting other businesses to take advantage of the positive effects of events like this to our economy. Xabia Historica business associate keep on inviting businesses to join in. Juan Luis Cardona, councilor and in charge for Economic Development express his deep support for the project. He aims for the growth of economy as well as market the historic center of Javea.